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Asiana Travel operated by Asiana Corp. Vietnam and is one of Leading Travel Agency providing friendly Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar Travel Services. Because simply we have been serving tourist over the world since 2005 based on B2B and we overcame a lot of difficulties as limited services, facilities, tourism environment and all aspects to satisfy our foreign customers. Along our development, we have worked out a Business Model to completed our mission on every tour booking. However, any our achievement is not only based on our The Team of Product, Marketing, Consultant, Operation and Customer Care members whom are always effort to meet customers’ needs but also have to be thankful to the share, feedback of Travel Partners whom help each of us improved ourselves to work out a difference values for their business and customers. Start with Suitable price, Standard quality services, Professional solving skills and Responsibility, we have cooperated to 212 Travel Partners from Asia, European, America area and serve their around 50000 customers. These achievement is small but they are really big motivation for our working team to moving forward, to bring more and more value not only for our Travel Partner, but also Their Customers. Will you step together?

You want to build up your brand name to become trusty, quality worldwide and keep it in your customers’ mind from the beginning to the end of services and onwards. Asiana Travel understand clearly our role for contributing to the value of brand name. Therefore, we guarantee to use your brand name while carrying out the services and we always think about if our solution affect to your brand name or not when to be applied to what happen to customers.
Talking about tourism mean talking about many beautiful and different valuable aspects of your country and to share these values to other people and countries, human play a core role. Therefore, our working team is formed by people with a passion of discovery, experience and a big love to their motherland basically. Besides, Asiana Travel always arrange inspection trips and training classes to improve real knowledge about destinations, working skills from May to September every year. Come to interact with our local working team to feel their tourism passion.
We always say that "Specific Product for Your Customers" because all markets have different need and each customer segment of market also have different demand. That is reason why we always listen to your concept to work out suitable products for your customers. Besides, services quality is our concern when provide to customers so we control input of suppliers (accommodation, transportation, restaurant, tour guide etc) to guarantee standard and suitable output. Therefore, you can see how details our product is.
Along with our development, working process is an essential thing to interact with Travel Partner and Their Customer effectively. Therefore, any member of Inbound Department always pay attention to improvement of working process usually that really help us to bring a trust to our Travel Partner and safe feeling to Their Customers in strange land. Finally, result is Customers’ Smile we got after each completed services.



Welcome you to a dynamic working environment of Asiana Travel where our Working Team will share their love, personal emotion, tourism passion about their mother land. Let's check it out

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